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Agro Products

'Agro Products' embraces a broad all-inclusive category of products related to AGRICULTURE. It includes a comprehensive range of raw and finished goods under the classifications of plants, animals and other life forms. The term 'agro' has stemmed from the Greek word 'agros' meaning field, which has led to its current usage meaning anything that falls under the 'agricultural' category.

Agro products are the life force, the very source of survival for the human kind. It is not only that man breathes with the support of food but a major chunk of the world population is also dependent on agriculture as their source of survival. An approximate 36% of the world's workers are engaged in agriculture with India's 65% of the population being directly and indirectly employed in this sector. Browse through the A-Z of Agro Products at this site and stay updated of the gro industry.


Cereals and Pulses

Cereals are an integral part of our lives, as they are the only food products that provide instant energy. Rich in nutrients, cereals come in the form of rice or corns.


Seeds have stored foods inside them and are confined in coverings known as seed coats. The process of reproduction in a plant is completed after the seeds are developed fully.


Spices are defined as dried seed or fruit, in whole or powder form, used as food additives for enhancing the flavor or taste of a particular food item. India produces 3.2 million tonnes of various spices.


Fruits are a rich source of many important nutrients like fibers, vitamins, water, etc. The daily consumption of fruits keeps one healthy and at the same time maintain a young look.


Vegetables, the edible part of a plant, are rich sources of several vital nutrients, contributing immensely to the overall growth of the living being.


The role of fertilizers cannot be ignored in agriculture. These are the compounds that are given to the soil to help nurture the plant facilitating increased yields.

Herbal Products

Herbs have exotic flavor, medicinal properties, scent, etc. They are used as medicines, facilitating curing of ailments at a faster pace.

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